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H-4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Árpád street 25. Building A

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Gyula Dörgő: +36 30 8711740
Tamás Ruppert: +36 30 8712470

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What datasets do we use?

We are specialized on the data coming from industrial productions, let it be maintenance data, alarm datasets, position data, business related datasets or etc.

What kind of machine learning models are we familiar with?

We have a wide experience in the solution of both supervised and unsupervised data-based problems (regression, classification and clustering, etc.).

What programming language do we usually use?

We mainly develop our solutions in Python or provide .exe packages of the developed solutions that can be called in almost any programmin environments. For some projects, we utilize other programming languages and software products as well.

I am interested in these advanced data-based technologies. How can I start studying?

Just contact us for further support or visit our Industry 4.0 course, where we teach these techniques from the basics: